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Panmak machine, since 1980

Ozan Pandar

Ozan Pandar


When I was little, I used to watch with admiration how large and small parts of machines were brought together and turned into unique working systems in my father’s small workshop When I got home, I would disassemble all the tools I found, examine them, and try to put them back together. No matter how much I grew up, this passion of mine never changed. I’ve always found machines fascinating and followed my passion. Today, as the second generation, I proudly carry the torch I got from my father and continue to design and manufacture machines for our customers.

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Providing Professional and Quality Service for Over 41 Years

our history

Our company started to manufacture machinery as Pandarlar Makine in 1980, and now continues its commercial life as PANMAK MAKINE since 2010.

Since the day we were founded, we have succeeded in being one of the leading engineering companies of the sector in machinery manufacturing by successfully completing many domestic and international projects.


Our services

By developing versatile solutions for the needs of our customers, we provide turnkey project services with exploration, project design, production and assembly services, and we are always with our customers with our expert assembly staff and after-sales services. production and assembly services, and we are always with our customers with our expert assembly staff and after-sales services.

As PANMAK, we also attach great importance to R&D studies. We are designing new machines in line with the needs of the sector with our successful design team in our workshop in İstanbul, Turkey.

Our experts

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Ozan Pandar

Mechanical Engineer

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İpek Pandar

Sales and Marketing Manager

İlknur Eskikurt

Administrative affairs manager

Happy Customers

If you are looking for a company that works as if one of your partners, not a seller, you are at the right address. Panmak has shown us how we can use the machine that we currently have more productively instead of selling us a new machine, and we saved a lot of money. I would like to thank Nazmi and Ozan for showing that trade is not just about making money, but instead a partnership.


A professional company! They took our old machine that had been causing problems for a long time and installed a perfectly working new one. Even after the installation, they always make us feel that they are with us by visiting us at certain periods. On behalf of our country, I am proud of Panmak and I believe that we will hear more of its name in the sector very soon.


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About us

Our company started its activities in 1980 with the name Pandarlar Makine and in 2010 its name was changed to Panmak Makine. Panmak leads the sector in the production of jewelry machines and industrial furnaces.
Our company has implemented many successful projects in Turkey and abroad with our experience and competence of more than forty years. We use our engineering knowledge and experience for our customers’ demands and needs. As Panmak Makine, we offer on-site evaluation, project design, production, and assembly services to produce versatile industrial machines. In addition, we have made it a principle to support our customers throughout the process with after-sales support and assembly services.
Our machines are used in sectors such as the automotive industry, the jewelry industry, the motorcycle, and the commercial vehicle industry. We analyze the needs of our customers accurately, which is why we offer user-friendly equipment for a variety of applications.
The annealing machines produced by Panmak Makine are used for plating gold, silver, rhodium, nickel, palladium, and platinum at the capacity determined in line with customer demands.


The Hydrozone welding machine provides easy welding of small and medium-sized parts. Welding machines offer suitable uses in areas that require fine welding.

Annealing furnace products are used for the annealing and deoxidation of precious alloys.
Hydraulic press machines are used to press, pour, crush and mold metal materials.
On the other hand, sinter belt furnaces are sintering furnaces with electrically heated conveyor system.
Apart from this, Panmak Industrial Machinery produces metal annealing, sintering furnaces, jewelry machines, conveyor furnaces, hydrogen generators, fast hydraulic press machines, tunnel furnaces, annealing furnaces, diamond cutters for marble mines, cooking and processing machinery.
High-functioning and versatile industrial machines, which are used as fixtures in many enterprises operating in the industrial sector, are designed by analyzing customer demands correctly.
As Panmak Makine, we also give great importance to R&D studies. In our workshop located in Istanbul, Turkey, we produce industrial-type machines to meet the sectoral needs with our experienced and talented design team.

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