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Panmak coating machines are used for coating precious materials such as nickel, platinum, gold, silver, rhodium, and palladium. This device includes 1 rhodium plating bath, 2 rinsing baths, 15 V 60A SMPS Switch mode power supply, 1 ampere and minute counter, 1 digital timer, 2 digital thermometers, 2 Quartz heaters (800 w), 1 moving middle bar. It has 1 filter circulation system and a 15-liter bath volume.

What is Coating Machine?

The coating machine is generally used for coating precious metals such as nickel, platinum, gold, silver, rhodium, and palladium. Coating machines generally have precise voltage regulation. The outside of Panmak coating machines with digital voltmeter and ammeter is stainless steel. Thanks to the vacuum feature, the vaporized smoke is thrown out. It has the feature of mixing the coating container. With the timer, the voltage is cut automatically.

Coating machines, which are very important in thejewelry industry, are used for coating precious metals. Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum family. As the name suggests, rhodium plating involves plating jewelry with rhodium. Apart from this, platinum, silver, nickel, gold, silver, and palladium plating can be done. White, which is the hallmark of rhodium, is very popular in rhodium plating because it is a strong surface that protects against scratches while offering a reflective appearance. Rhodium, platinum, silver, and gold are often used in white gold jewelry but are often plated on silver, gold, and similar metals.

Panmak Coating Machines – Jewelery Machine

Indispensable to thejewelry industry, the coating machine can greatly increase the durability, reflectivity, and gloss of any jewelry piece. Especially since the hardness of the rhodium material is high, it can withstand scratches better than other materials. The coating machine is often used on silver-colored metals, including silver, palladium, and white gold.

People assume that plating with a jewelry plating machine will take forever. Even if it is long-lived in fact, however, the situation is far from that. Just like any other metal, it tends to wear out gradually from exposure to wear and tear. Sonunda, kaplamanın yeniden yapılması gerekecektir. Generally, this will need to be done 12 to 18 months after the initial coating. This, of course, depends on various factors such as wear and tear, the color of the base metal, and the thickness of the coating. The wearer’s body chemistry can be a factor in how quickly the coating will wear off.

Coating Machine Working Principle

The first step in the coating process is to ensure that the jewelry is completely clean before the coating material is applied. It is not enough just to wash the jewelry in a bowl of water. Even the tiniest bit of dirt will prevent the coating from sticking to it. For these reasons, it is necessary to clean the jewelry in depth.

This includes polishing the jewelry to remove visible scratches, transferring it to an ultrasonic unit, removing it for vigorous steaming, and rinsing the jewelry in a power cleaning base. All steps are effective and ensure the jewelry is as clean as possible. The most critical aspect of electro cleaning is the removal of anything that might prevent the coating from sticking. Then the process is carried out in a healthy, clean, and easy way.

Panmak Coating Machine – Jewelery Machinery

As Panmak, we offer you multi-coating machines with years of industry experience and the continuous support of our expert team. These machines, the coating machines produced according to the needs and wishes of the customers, are very high in terms of quality standards as they are produced with graded raw materials. The components of these machines are extremely complex and comply with international standards. These products are widely used in various industries to coat different precious metals. Panmak coating machines with high performance offer longer service life as they have low power consumption.