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Hydraulic Press Machine

Panmak hydraulic press machinesare used for pressing, flattening, crushing, and molding metal materials. These are machines that are frequently used in the Jewelry industry. The hydraulic press machine is the process of drawing the lining by means of a cylinder and cutting it in a certain way, then applying another layer of lining on it, welding it, and producing it as a hollow low gram and aesthetic press ware.

Hydraulic presses, which are frequently preferred by jewelers, make it easier to work on small metal parts of jewelry. Special sizes for working fine and detailed. This machine is used for shaping and giving an aesthetic appearance to jewelry.

What is Hydraulic Press Machine?

The word hydraulic comes from Greek and is a combination of the dictionary meaning of water and pipe. As a term, the word hydraulic means the science of using a fluid to transmit force and motion under certain pressure and controlling these behaviors. A hydraulic press is a type of machine press that creates a clamping force using a hydraulic cylinder. It uses a hydraulic arm instead of a mechanical arm. The hydraulic press consists of two interconnected cylinders. The larger cylinder is called the ram, and the smaller one is called the piston. The larger cylinder is called the ram, and the smaller one is called the piston.

It is used in hydraulic presses as liquids cannot be easily compressed.The hydraulic press works by applying a small amount of force to the piston, which pushes the fluid underneath. This pressure is then spread evenly by raising the ram. The pressure created by the piston and ram then crushes the object placed between them.

Panmak Hydraulic Press Machine – Jewelery Machinery

Hydraulic systemsare silent systems. They provide the opportunity to work under very high pressure. All elements are lubricated by hydraulic oil used as a fluid. Hydraulic circuit elements are long-lasting. The speed can be adjusted even when you are on the move.

How Does a Hydraulic Press Machine Work?

A hydraulic press machine is a machine used for crushing, flattening, compacting, bonding, molding and coating materials especially metals. The materials to be processed are pressed by placing them on a plate or bed in the press machine. Hydraulic press machines are used in a very wide area, they are used in many sectors, especially in the jewelry and jewelry sector in the industrial area. Hydraulic presses are machines that provide ease of use in general.

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Hydraulic Press Working Principle

A hydraulic press uses a hydraulic cylinder to produce a clamping force. Inside the hydraulic press machine, there is a plate on which the material is placed for pressing to prepare the sample.

A hydraulic press is a machine that works according to Pascal’s law principle, which states that when pressure is applied to a closed fluid, a pressure change occurs throughout the fluid. Inside the hydraulic press is a plunger that acts as a pump, providing a small area of the sample with little mechanical force. There is another piston that produces a greater mechanical force and has a larger area.

Hydraulic Press Machine – Panmak

Electric hydraulic presses are used for various metalworking and precious metal processing purposes. These electric hydraulic presses are machineswith powerful mechanisms and maximum efficiency, highly productive, and affordable for industrial metalworking. There are small hydraulic presses and large hydraulic presses on the market designed for different needs. You can choose from the types of hydraulic presses that are suitable for your business.

Pressing machines, which are widely applied in repair, productio,n and assembly works in many different fields, are produced by Panmak with more than forty years of experience. The hydraulic press machine is equipped with features suitable for the area to be used and is designed accordingly. Panmak makes special machine designs in accordance with the needs and requests of the customers. Thus, production is carried out with high efficiency in enterprises.