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Hydrozone Welding Machine (Hydrogen Generator)

Panmak hydrazone welding machine is a device used for brazing small and medium-sized parts with its 3000 ºC flame concentration. Panmak hydrazone welding machines, which are suitable for soldering various parts that require thin welding, allow you to perform soldering without giving too much heat to the soldering area. This way, your finished products come out perfectly.

Features of Panmak hydrozone welding machines vary. Hydrozone welding machines can be produced according to the demands and needs of the customers. These welding machines are widely used in mold making, glass making, dentistry, electromechanical industry, and jewelry industry. . In addition, hydrazone welding machines are generally used efficiently in solar energy, automotive, lighting, electromechanical, white goods, and electronics sectors.

The most common use of Hidrozon welding machines is in the jewelry industry. This machine is a safe and cost-effective technology to produce pure hydrogen and oxygen from water for industrial application. It is used for material processing, heat treatment, and soldering in jewelry. With a flame temperature of up to 3000 C, this machine is perfect for all types of metals such as platinum, gold, silver, copper, and brass.

Hydrozone Welding Machine Models

With its 3000 ºC flame concentration, Panmak hydrazone welding machines offer ideal uses for brazing small and medium-sized parts without heating the surroundings. The energy required for this process is generally obtained from the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen that occur during the electrolysis of distilled water.

Panmak Welding Machines

The Hydrazone welder provides a larger opening than normal welders, allowing access to larger parts and allowing you to work more freely. There are pulse shape settings that allow configuring how this machine works on different types of metals.

The mechanism in this device saves customized resource settings. With the touch of a button, you can easily switch between your most used source settings. Superior, high-efficiency components that run cooler and reduce stress on critical wearing parts provide greatly reduced maintenance costs. It offers repeatable control over its settings to ensure precise welding.

Panmak – Hidrozon Welding Machine – Jewelery Machinery

The working principle of Panmak hydrazone welding machine is based on the electrolytic decomposition of water to obtain high purity hydrogen for heat treatment in general, suitable for mechanical precision in different products such as jewelry, silverware, bijouterie jewelry, and eyeglasses. The high temperature of the microfilm allows strong type welds without the need to heat large material masses, purified with a green-colored, special deoxidized liquid of around 3000 °C. Panmak hydrogen generator machines are often used in the processing of plastic materials, opal and transparent acrylic can be polished by mechanical processing of materials. Also, another good advantage of these devices is to prevent high-pressure gas build-up, making them ideal as they can produce the required amount of gas at the time of use with significant savings compared to the conventional cylinder system.Routine maintenance of Hidrozon welding machines is extremely simple, fast, and economical.

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Panmak brand, which has been successfully operating in the sector for more than forty years and transferring its experience to industrial machinery, is a worldwide name as a professional and high-quality manufacturer and supplier for hydrozone welding machines, sintering furnaces, hydraulic press machines and annealing furnaces. Thanks to our machine designs that can be customized for the needs and demands of our customers, you can manufacture your products quickly and with high quality without interrupting your work. You can contact us for detailed information about Panmak hydrozone welding machines.