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Free Sintering Furnace

Panmak Sinter Belt Furnace is an industrial type electrically heated conveyor sintering furnace. It is used for sintering powdered metals.

Tunnel Belt Furnace

Panmak Tunnel Furnace is a belt furnace used for continuous welding and annealing of products such as press products, precious metal products, solid-hollow chains, and etc.

Annealing Furnace

Panmak Annealing Furnace is a semi-automatic high-efficiency static furnace used for annealing and deoxidation of wires, plates, castings, and generally all products in precious alloys.

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On-site Evaluation

We offer an evaluation service for your machines that are not properly working or you want to change.


Installation and Assembly

Installation and Assembly

By installing our machines with our expert team, we ensure that they work in the most efficient way after performing all their calibrations.



We ensure that your machines have a longer life by performing routine maintenance.

Price Request

After examining our machines, you can easily send RFQ via the contact form.

Get Best Price

Your price request will be examined in detail by our sales department, and a quotation will be sent within 24 hours with our most competitive prices.

On-time Delivery

After your order confirmation, our machines will be prepared and delivered as soon as possible.

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Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

The hydraulic press machine is the process of drawing the lining by means of a cylinder and cutting it in a certain way, then applying another layer of lining on it, welding it and producing it as a hollow low gram and aesthetic press ware.

Hydrozone Welding Machine (Hydrogen Generator)

Hydrozone Welding Machine (Hydrogen Generator)

The most common use of Hidrozon welding machines is the jewelry industry. This machine is a safe and cost-effective technology for producing pure hydrogen and oxygen from water for industrial application.



Indispensable to the jewelery industry, the coating machine can greatly increase the durability, reflectivity and gloss of any jewelery piece.

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